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slownine – stickyantlers by isadora dustmite junk

‘all yourmisinterpretations are painstakingly applied to slownine.
slownine is accidental, derived from stickyantlers.
separated from afrikasouth,
born of disarticulation,

you always encounter slownine from the outside,
yourpresence spoils its desertedness.’

Translation – benguela by isadora dustmite junk

‘translation and benguela
designate procedures of satisfaction.
the negative does not explain the positive, nor the general the particular.
translation imposes a series of models on our bodies,
even in its involuntary structures,
and offers our intelligence a knowledge.’
humans have no translation, they build rhizomes.’

Left difficulty – macettejacobite by isadora dustmite junk

‘something is not right, something keeps disrupting
so they will not trade places, will not exchange anything, its no exchange at all…
this operation of extracting,
or extricating doesnt happen by itself.
leftdificulty is a softconstruction
of corugated iron tubes full of surface-monsters.
inducing a kind of spiraling feeling causing the background to come forward.
at the rupture point, the worse they are, the better they work.’

Clandestine Carnivore – Bride Reunion by isadora dustmite junk

‘clandestinecarnivore just goes out and does whatever it wants.
helping bridereunion in finding out lines of flight
their “intensive”:
I feel…
‘I feel’ means something is happening in me,
iam experiencing an intensity.’

For klimek – marco by isadora dustmite junk

Green Square Market – vbi by isadora dustmite junk

“Give me Your Pain”
features a cut up of
“This Old World’s In A Hell Of A Fix”,
by the
Rev. Dr. J. Gordon McPherson (Black Billy Sunday),
sermon with singing and piano introduction.
Grafton, Wis., c. Jan, 1931.

From Distrik Seven –
an unreleased mini EP from 2008,
are joined by
Des Latham (of Hawk).
Street recordings by Graeme Feltham
provide a backdrop of Cape Town.
various found sounds
homemade instruments
together with sequencers,
acoustic and electronic percussion.

song to hum no. 11 – suicycle by isadora dustmite junk

Nagasaki Nikita – nikhilsingh by isadora dustmite junk

‘nikhilsingh uses many otherthings,
on the borders, in the corners, at the centers, and elsewhere.
nagasaki nikita is an oscillating movement:
a support-free construction
in conjunction with active destruction of all the illnesses of our day:
a delirious vector. its violet.’

Mid-Atlantic 2007 (pt. 1) – asqus by isadora dustmite junk

Anxiety attack – stenchworm by isadora dustmite junk

‘stenchworm is subterranean body
which remains relatively unknown.
stenchworms elements reach a perpetual slippage,
an extreme rotation
preventing them
from splicing,
driving him ever faster
through each and every reality.
anxietyattack is an archeology
that smashes all its idols,
wildly strobing, complex, alive
and difficult to decipher.
a malicious gift.
striating reality
with a vicious dark vertical cross-hatching.
a disquieting strangeness.’

revision: howto save yourown life – isadora dustmite junk by isadora dustmite junk

‘howto save yourown life is
at once dispersed,
flying off in every direction,
and self-contained.
it is full of gaps and tight,
adrift and moored.’

Topsecret GBC megamix – retarded dance squad by isadora dustmite junk

‘in topsecret gbc megamixs space:
we see topsecret gbc megamix, but in the process; we see who retardeddancesquad is,
something obscure emerges,
an archeology that smashes its idols.
a malicious gift
strata, mutations, upheavals, reorganization and displacement.

It is nothing more, and nothing less.’

2nd Movement- Opus I Diabolus In Musica – ms. skidd by isadora dustmite junk

‘ms. skidd is elsewhere.
because she is never finished
she puts everything in a suitcase,
a metal lunchbox.
so 2nd Movement: Opus I Diabolus In Musica
becomes a migration of the intensities.
something which does not
and will not let itself be recoded.
it makes a large circuit – a system of gestures.’

(e)xtrAct (e)M0ti0N – cartoonchaos by isadora dustmite junk

The first thing you should say – facecontrol by isadora dustmite junk

‘facecontrol lives at sea:
a sort of lifeboat,
‘the first thing you should say’
is the bombs falling on every side,
facecontrol escapes
subterranean rivers of ice,
or toward rivers of fire,
the Orenoco, the Amazon.
facecontrol is like a war-machine of thought.’

Afrikan Junk – thecrackpotrealist by isadora dustmite junk

‘afrikanjunk is an embryonic apparatus
constantly leaking nad erupting,
in sticky uprisings and displaced enthusiasms
– it trys to unstructure
lines of escape and fusions of desire.’

Anechoic Dialect – righardkapp by isadora dustmite junk

‘righardkapp travels around something.
this margin creates anechoicdialect: a body becoming smudged and blotted.
a becoming thing of incessant diffusion modifies the different shades rise and falling.
anechoicdialect sinks + entagles ourhearts through all its forgottenholes.’

Knifefight – summoning the plauge by isadora dustmite junk

‘knifefight says something, summoning the plauge speaks terms of viscerality.

summoning the plauge
is a mechanical system that interrupts flows.
knifefight doesnt mean anything,
it works to derail you,
tries to (re)produce itself,
to break you down.
you no longer know who is hurting:
whether its summoning the plauge
or knifefight,
or you.

this allows knifefight to crush you.’

sparsejungel – howell and starcke by isadora dustmite junk

‘sparsejungle is a living material
that listens, records, answers, questions, decides;
a drug that itself prescribes its own dose;
a roulette wheel
that chooses its own number and color
— always the other number and color. ‘

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